Race Rules

TriGator For Kids Triathlon Race Rules

  1. The bike and run course map is posted on our website and will also be available during race kit pickup and on race day. All parents/guardians and participants shall be responsible for familiarizing themselves with the course layout including the Transition Zone.
  2. Body marking (on the arm and/or leg of the participant) with the athlete's race number and age will be done as part of check-in on race day.
  3. Participants in the 3-5 age group category only may be accompanied by ONE parent/guardian while in the pool and on the bike and run course.
  4. Parents of participants age 6 and over are not permitted to participate alongside their child during the race.
  5. Life jackets will be provided and given out on the pool deck for any swimmers that are more comfortable wearing one. Flutter boards, noodles, fins and paddles are not allowed.
  6. Each participant should ensure they have a well-maintained and safe bicycle. Bike inspection is not required but it is recommended.
  7. Helmets are mandatory and chinstraps must be fastened before mounting the bike and must stay fastened until after the participant has dismounted the bike and the bike is safely racked in the Transition Zone. Failure to wear an approved secure cycle helmet will result in automatic disqualification and all race insurance will become invalid.  You may want to watch this short video on proper helmet fitting.
  8. Pedal cages are not to be used and must be removed from the bike prior to the race.
  9. With the exception of the 3-5 year age category, all participants must “mount” and “dismount” their bikes at the designated locations marked “bike on” and “bike off” points outside of the Transition Zone. Volunteers will be at these locations to assist with mounting and dismounting of the bikes.  No riding is permitted inside the Transition Zone.  NOTE THIS AGE GROUP WILL NOT BE TIMED, ALL FUN AND NO PRESSURE.
  10. Parental assistance is not permitted in the Transition Zone during the race with the exception of the 3-5 year age category.   NOTE AGES 3-5 AGE GROUP WILL NOT BE TIMED, ALL FUN AND NO PRESSURE.
  11. All participants must have their torso covered (typically by wearing a shirt or bathing suit) while on the bike and run portions of the race.
  12. Participant race bib numbers must be visible from the front during the race.
  13. All athletes are to follow all directions given by race volunteers wearing the yellow TriGator Volunteer shirts. Please ensure all participants are familiar with who the volunteers are.
  14. The Race Director reserves the right to limit the number of entries.