Race Day Information and Start Times

Race Date:  June 20th, 2020 - CANCELLED - COVID-19 Update


Your Race KitSmiling girl running

Each athlete will receive a race kit with a TriGator T-shirt, race number and much more. Be sure to pin the race number on the front of the shirt that will be worn during the race.

Each athlete 6 years and older must pick up a timing chip on race morning.  This chip must be worn on one ankle and will assist us with loop counting on the bike course. The chip must be returned at the finish line. These same athletes will also receive a helmet sticker that should be attached to the front of the helmet and will also be used to assist with loop counting.

Pick up your race kit at the race site on the Friday before the race (3:30p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) or when you check in on the morning of the race, starting at 7:00am. All racers must check in at least 1 hour before their wave start time.

The race waiver is part of the registration process. You can read the waiver and rules by clicking here.

When to Arrive — Important!

Race day is busy! It is important that athletes arrive at least one hour before their wave start time (see below) to ensure they have time to pick up their registration kit, set up their gear in Transition Zone and change for the swim. We cannot make provisions for athletes who arrive late.

Transition Zone Setup

  • Get to the race at least 1 hour prior to the start of your wave so that you can set up your race gear.
  • Each athlete must take their bike to the Transition Zone where they will place it on a marked rack with their helmet and other bike and run gear. Look for the age group signs to see where your bike and other gear should be racked.
  • Bring two towels. Put one towel on the ground beside your bike to hold your race items (shoes, socks, etc.). The other towel can be used for drying off after the swim.
  • You may also want to leave a water bottle with your gear so you can take a drink before and/or after the bike ride.
  • Athletes should pin the race number on their shirt prior to the start of the race.

Wave Start Times

To create a safe race, we are using wave starts to limit the number of athletes at one time on the race course. Athletes should be in the marshalling area for their swim wave 20-30 minutes prior to the wave start times.


AgeStart time
Ages 3-58:30 AM
Ages 6-79:20 AM
Ages 8-910:20 AM
Ages 10-1111:50 AM
Ages 12-1412:55 PM


A more detailed list of the individual wave swim start times will be posted at the race site on the Friday before the race at 2:30pm when Race Kit Pickup begins. We are unable to provide this information in advance of Race Kit Pickup. Due to the number of participants, we are not able to make changes to the swim waves.